Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Tax Instalment: Nightfall

According to Joesky, I owe some tax, seeing as I'm prone to punch out rather lengthy posts every now and again. To settle that score, I give you the second adventure I've ever written. The first was 19 years ago, and not that big of a success. Hopefully this one isn't as bad.

Nightfall is an adventure for three to six players, using the Storytelling System. It is based on the film Pitch Black, but both scenario and plot has been modified to accommodate the chaos of roleplaying. I wrote it mostly as an exercise, but if you find it useful, I'd love to hear how it went. For that matter, should you have any comments, I'm all ears eyes.



  1. Unless you're thinking of your recent counterattack against a particular blog, I do think you do owe a Joesky tax as he referred to long argument (not game content) posts.

    However, I'll happily accept your payment against future infractions. ;)

  2. Hmm. Having checked this with my accountant, I think you may be right. Oh, well. At least I'm no longer in arrears.

  3. Wow and wow again. That's enough tax to fund a major programme! What a mood and what a story. Very well thought out set of elements.

  4. Thankee, thankee.

    Now that I've posted it, I see I need to do some adjustments to the layout. Luckily, that's easily done on Skribd.

  5. Nice one, I like how many things can go wrong, especially if the group doesn't work well together (although you'll need the right kind of players for that to be actually fun).
    I saw Pitch Black on the big screen and it was an impressive experience, especially the scenes with the ringed planet coming into view.

    One minor nitpick: From the jagged spires between here and salvation, clouds of dark, winged creatures is rising in a steady stream , in the Nightfall description: should be are rising :)

  6. Thanks :)

    As for the group, I think you are right, but with a one-nighter, I think most groups could have fun with a little PvP.

  7. The worst glitches have been sanded now. If you see something glaring, I'd appreciate you letting me know :)

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