Sunday, 28 February 2010

The Legend of Brōdar

This is the story of how Arkon's son, Brōdar, lost control over his anger. The legend is told by Reigald.

Brōdar Stormrider was the strongest of Arkon's sons. He loved nothing so much as a good fight, and often he rode across the heavens on great storms looking for anyone who dared challenge him. He was also deeply loved by his brothers, for he was the youngest of them. Brōdar was also famous for his anger. When he lost his temper, even the giants tried to get out of his way, so violent was his rage. The only one who could calm him when his blood was up was Aeilìn, his wife.

One day the giant Râgor Liesmith came to Aethelingagard disguised as a handsome young warrior. He introduced himself to Aeilìn and swore himself to her service, as was often the custom of young heroes in those days. Aeilìn was beutiful beyond words, and it is said that not among men, elves or gods could a maid more fair be found, then or after.

For a long time Râgor kept his secret. He served Aeilìn faithfully and well, and thus he gained her trust. He was given great gifts as rewards for his loyalty, and he even stood guard outside Aeilìns bedchamber when Brōdar was away.

Then one day Râgor left Aetelingagard and returned to his own kingdom. Here he sat on his throne in the mountain and boasted of how he had slipped between the thighs of Brōdar's fair wife. His disguise he hung behind his seat so that all who visited his great hall could see how he had made a cuckold of the mighty Stormrider.

It did not take long before the word reached Aethelingagard. Brōdar flew into a rage such as the world has never seen, neither before, nor in the ages that has followed. He bellowed and roared so that even his brothers hid from him. He called up a storm so great that the very earth shook as it passed above. Thus he came to the kingdom of Râgor. He roared for the giant to come out of his mountain and meet him, but Râgor had fled when he heard him coming. In his anger, Brōdar smote the mountain asunder, scattering the rocks far away (the rocks formed what you today call the Stormcrow Mountains).

Brōdar searched for Râgor for many days, but the cunning and deceitful giant had hidden well. In his search Brōdar's anger only grew. He split open mountains and tore lands asunder, killing anyone who crossed his path. Finally Aeilìn came to her husband. She sang soothing songs to calm him and stroked his hair and cheek, but so dark was the anger crafted by the Liesmith that Brōdar could not see the truth. Blinded by the lies, seeing only the leering giant between his wife's legs, he slew his beloved Aeilìn.

When Aeilìn fell to the ground Brōdar saw what he had done, and the veil of deceit and rage fell from his eyes. He reached into his soul and ripped his anger out of his flesh and cast it from him. This is how Bolgen came into the world.

Brōdar journeyed then to the realm of the dead to beg the release of his beloved. Alas he was denied, for the regret of the living has never been enough to allow someone to leave the Ashen Lands. The King of the Dead saw how beutiful Aeilìn was, and he became enraged by her murder. He sentenced Brōdar to wander the lands of the living until he was the last man in the world. Then, and only then would he be allowed to die.

Since then, Brōdar has been wandering the world, cast out by his father, Arkon, and shunned by his brothers, for they all loved Aeilìn dearly.


  1. I found this lying among my notes. It's dated 6 August 09.


    Arkons formaning

    Stunden er oprunnen, sønn av sønnesønns sønn.
    Vær viss, du våker over fallen frende, Ormen Nefrangap.
    Svenn til Ragnarok sover i berg.
    Syv segl, syv stag, syv guder vokter syv juv.

    Segl brytes, stag brekker, guder dør, våken vakt dør ikke.
    Vær viss, du sønn av sønnesønns sønn,
    i siste time må hornet gjalle, kall alle menn på vallen.
    Når sist vakt faller, Ragnarok våkner, mørket kommer, sol slukner.

    Vær våken, sønn av sønnesønns sønn, stunden er opprunnen.
    Mannefall truer.

  2. It is time to take advantage of us being quite close, in more ways than one, to this mystery.

    Septimus first, then Brodar and Bolgen.