Sunday, 4 July 2010

Word: Mythocracy

Definition 1: "[...] an exceptionally internally unified type of consciousness [giving] the mind no chance to grasp onto reality; instead, it replaces reality with names and a self-fulfilling repetition of shamanistic incantations. [...] The existence of such a mythological consciousness presupposes the functioning of an alter ego in the form of an administrative system solely capable of expropriating and disposing of all that it does not itself produce."

My definition: A society ruled by an organization of supernatural creatures, e.g. the Wolf Lords of Draccia or the Order State of the Ordo Hermetica. In such a society, political power is derived from metaphysical capability, rather than merit or family ties.

Source for Definition 1: Ellen E. Berry & Anesa Miller-Pogacar, Re-entering the sign: articulating new Russian culture, Google Books


  1. I like your definition better? :)

    Actually, I'm not 100% sure what the hell the official one even means, obfuscated as it is by specialized/idiosynscratic use of terms ("shamanistic" incantions--they couldn't think of a more transparent descprition?).

  2. To be honest, I think mythocracy is little more than a buzzword used by political theorists. I have not been able to find an "official" definition, but as far as I can tell the word usually implies some sort of monopolized truth, often connected to heavy propaganda.

    Btw, the quote is from a text discussing Stalinism in Soviet Russia, and it is teeming with all manners of "specialized/idiosyncratic use of terms" as you so nicely put it.

    But, yeah, I like the other one best myself as well :)