Monday, 31 January 2011

Thulean Technology

"If you want to do evil, science provides the most powerful weapons."
~Richard Dawkins
Cthonic device being readied for detonation below ground

The Ordo Ultima Thule have achieved a remarkable level of technological development, and in many areas they are far beyond any other known human civilization. Most of their science is based on thaumatechnological principles, i.e. science married with thaumaturgy. Following, in order of association, are the different thaumatechnological disciplines.

Goethic science - The science of harnessing the power of Umbral entities. In essence the principle is to capture a spirit, bind it to a device, and use its power to fuel or enhance the object. The first goethic theories were formulated by the scholars of Varanger, the now dead homeworld of the Thulists, almost a millennium ago. Since then the OUT scientists have broken vast new grounds, and now all void-ships, as well as many installations and constructs, run on the power from goethic reactors.

  • Goethic medicine - A discipline all to it self, it has allowed the Order not only to survive for centuries in the Void, but also to develop their super-soldiers (e.g. Hellghasts and Cyclopes).

Caernkraft reactor

Dieselkraft - While the OUT relies on goethic power for most of their needs, the reactors are too cumbersome, not to mention that their construction is quite resource demanding, for smaller bases and vessels. In these cases, dieselkraft engines and generators are used to provide the necessary energy. These are explosion engines running on refined Exunge, a vile substance bored out of the deep layers of a world -- in more poetical terms, it can be described as the lifeblood of the Abyss.

Cthonian - As of yet, the Order has not been able to develop a stable cthonic reactor, but the military uses of this science has proven quite advantageable. The blast generated from a cthonic bomb will essentially tear asunder the Umbral fabric, bringing the Abyss very close to the Prime Material Plane. Such an area is called a blight, and few Umbral entities, not to mention enemy theurges, will dare enter, let alone survive here.

Caernkraft - The OUT has long been on the verge of a thaumatechnological breakthrough that would allow it to harness the very power of the Abyss. By creating a magnetic field between an active-shardakeem core and ruinian rotator-rings, vast amounts of energy can be drawn upon. In previous experiments, the radiation from these reactors have been found to have severe detrimental effects on unshielded personnel, but the benefits of a stable reactor are believed to by far outweigh such sentimental concerns.

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[Picture sources unknown(#2 is from Event Horizon)]


  1. Very cool. Why is it the villians always get the cool toys?

  2. So pretty... I love the way you think!

  3. @Trey:
    Because their line of credit is better?

    I wouldn't necessarily have thought pretty was descriptive of evil weapons of doom, but thanks for the compliment :)