Tuesday, 21 December 2010

The Atapraxor Tablet, The Lord Wey Fragment

This is a handout that was uncovered by the Pius Cabal during the aftermath of the Battle of the Tower of Man. It appears as a ceramic tablet, 15 cm wide and 26 cm long, covered in cuneiform script in a dead language. For the full text, see this post, for a picture of the second fragment, see this post.

[Picture source: 1 The Brussels Journal; 2 own]


  1. Fragments of information like this always frustrate my players to no end....which would explain why I love them so.

  2. Trey is right of course - this is the way to do things, for narrative and credibility.

    You've done something similar here today by hinting at the aftermath...

  3. I love handouts, and yeah, there is the added bonus of handing out incomplete information.

    I guess I have. I hope to amend that before Santa comes, but no promises.