Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Highly unlikely

"Quest accepted," my foot. It's never that easy.

From the webcomic, Looking For Group.

This is sort of a filler-post while I'm working on the realm-post I promised earlier. I should have it ready well in time for play tomorrow, though. Until then, I suggest you click through to The Adventures of Superhero Girl and get started on that comic before the back-log gets too long.

Also, by nature of being on the intertubes I've been following the developments of the production-soap The Hobbit, and now it appears that they have done the casting of the dwarves. I find myself unable to give a damn, even if it'll probably be bloody fantastic if and when. If you want to see who they've picked, pop over to the Topless Robot. Oh, yeah, and it looks like Galadriel will be appearing. Me, I'm still waiting for the 3D shoe to drop.

Take care, and I hope you get to do some playing soon.

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