Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Erian Almanac: Harbringer

According to Skythian calendar the holiday known as Harbringer falls between the months of Octavum and Novium. From old this day marks the end of the harvest season, and signals the beginning of autumn. It is also a day of omens. Old men predict the winter based on the behaviour of mice and the shape of clouds, children born on this day are said to have the gift of prophecy, and auguries are never more accurate. It is also a day of the dead, and those wishing to commune with deceased relatives light bone-candles as night falls.

Some omens:
A horse that looses its shoe signals death in the family.
Rain at noon means an early spring next year.
The birth of a litter of kittens means good luck for the household.
If you break glass you will die before Nightfall this year.
If the wind turns while the cock crows this heralds betrayal.
Snowfall means that a hard winter will follow.
The maid who spills milk will never be married.

[Picture source: Wilson's Almanac]


  1. Interesting. Wonderfully omninous omens.

  2. I tried to balance it a bit, but the core of the game is World of Darkness after all :)