Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Black Mark

"Deliver upon those who follow paths not sanguine the Black Mark, so that your brothers may recognize them for who they truly are. Let their soul be marked, for it is already besmudged by their own actions.

Let those who wish to allign themselves with the traitor so marked be aware that by so doing they are themselves in risk of the retribution of the righteous. For is not your enemy's friend also your enemy?

Let all who seek to lead your brothers astray fear the vengeance of the just. Allow them no respite, no succor, no safety. Let their mothers weep for having born such trecherous foulness into the world.

Shed no tears for those who bear the Black Mark, for he who follows the path of damnation damns not just himself, but all of Man."

-Heretic's Pyre

Storyteller's note: Questions have been raised about the Black Mark M'narcel was given by the Priest. I hope this exerpt helps to shed some light on the issue.

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