Thursday, 22 February 2018

The Godmachine

In the bowels of Corregidor resides the greatest machine ever built by man. Its towers and mills make up most of the subterranean mass of the construct world. Its sheer size is such that the mere attempt to grasp it boggles the mind. The machine was built as an integral part of the construct when Corregidor was first created.

In the millennia that has passed,
Corregidor has been expanded based on designs produced by the machine, to the point where world and machine are now basically one. Moreover, the machine functions autonomously, analysing and prognosticating every scrap of information absorbed by the cables and conduits that connect it to every aspect of life on the planet and beyond, into the multiverse.

An army of engineers work tirelessly to maintain complicated number mills and conduits.

Its prognostications inform the day to day administration of Corregidor, but also the long term goals of the Commonwealth. The Houses of Parliament will submit their draft bills to the machine and pass them into law if the probabilities are returned favourable.

Despite deism being illegal in the Commonwealth, there exists a sanctioned heresy connected with the machine. The Church of the Great Machine worship it and base all of its doctrine on The Great Calculation, a collection of precepts and guidelines compiled from the machine’s output. This heresy is widespread enough that “Godmachine” is an established colloquialism for the Great Machine.

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