Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Arcane Connection

The Theory of Space dictate that all points in space are connected, and thus a willworker with the command of Space can bridge the distance between them. However, without some familiarity or an Arcane Connection to the target location, item, or person, this becomes difficult. Traditionally, locks of hair, nail clippings, blood, knowledge of the target's Truename, or a handful of dirt from the target location have been coveted (or jealously guarded) by magicians for their metaphysical qualities.

House Rules concerning Arcane Connection
The default modifier to any Space effect bridging the distance between caster and target (scrying, teleporting, etc.) is -6. This is modified by Arcane Connections.

Arcane Connections
There are three types of Arcane Connections, Nomen (a name carries power), Corpus (anything that has once been part of something is connected to its origin), and Descriptio (knowing what to look for). The modifiers stack, but only the highest modifier in each category applies.


  • Name of target is known: +1
  • Truename of target is known: +3

  • Item belonging to target (glove, cutlery, etc.): +1
  • Personal effect of sentimental value (ring, locket, etc.): +2
  • Part of target's corpus (lock of hair, splinter from floorboard, etc.): +3

  • Detailed description of target (portrait, map, etc.): +1
  • Personal aquaintance with target: +2
  • Indepth personal knowledge of target: +3

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