Saturday, 16 January 2010

The missing chapters

Storyteller's note: I have been dealing with a case of writer's block, and there are a couple of chapters missing. So, to get back on track, I need to fill in the blanks. Here we go.

At breakfast in the van Zaar mansion, Geminon approached Banzel and told him that to find what he was missing he had to look for Margreta af Borg. Geminon also pointed out that since he was in fact a god, Banzel wouldn't be hurt by showing some faith.

After the failed attempt on Dr. Murdoch, the Cabal set out in strength to slay the Witch Finder General. In a border-town between Wezell and Corillia they set themselves up in an inn, hoping to draw their quarry to them. Instead they were poisoned (only Galan succumbed to the toxin) and encircled by a company of dragoons supported by a three pounder cannon. In the ensuing battle the inn was demolished and set alight. Banzel and Drake managed to conjure an antidote and the Captain was able to teleport them all safely out.

In Zaarbrügge they were attacked again. Banzel left the van Zaar mansion to check up on some work he was having done. In the busy streets he was waylaid by the same assassin that had slipped the poison in their wine in the inn. Luckily, Galan was using his magics to keep tabs on him, and so they Cabal was able to react swiftly and save the Bombman from a less than desirable fate. The assassin, a young woman, escaped.

On their third attempt they first bought all the poisenous snakes and insects they could find in Räderhafen, then travelled by stealth to the outskirts of Grasse arriving in the dead of night. Here Banzel's two ravens flew eight of the poisenous critters to the fortress of the good doctor. Through mind-controll the tiny killers were guided through the corridors of the fortress towards the bed chambers of Murdoch.

Simultaneously, Drake controlled the remaining critters, hid them in his clothing, and made his way into the town of Grasse alone. Here he was apprehended by a patrol of soldiers which he then had killed by the obedient little assassins that fell out o his robes on command. However, he stirred up quite a fuzz and was overpowered by another patrol and taken to the dungeons of the Palace of Reason.

At this point one of the critters flown in by the ravens had reached the bed chambers and had managed to deliver its poison, thus killing the leading man of the Magisterium in Corillia.

Now the cabal had to stage a rescue of their captured compannion, something they managed to accomplish before the noose closed around him.

Chapter end/start.

Back in Zaarbrügge the magicians set out to decipher one of the formulae in the Saragossa Manuscript, the Elder Sign, and to make it suited for distribution amongst the Correspondents. This consumed a lot of time and resources, and took a massive concerted effort to accomplish. Van Zaar also wrote a Letter.

Once this had been done, the Cabal set out to find the Committees so that they could send out their messages to the Enlightened of Eria. Jaap van Zaar, Yolander's uncle, and also one of the Onkels, sent them to the University of Ghoerwald. Before they departed, the Onkel told them that this day, the 19th Dodecium of the year 1021, the Wezelliche Syndikaat no longer forbade the practice of magic by law.

In Ghoerwald the Elder Sign, van Zaar's Third Letter, and the announcement of Wezell's acceptance of magic was put to print and sent out to the Committees for further distribution.

Once this had been done, the Cabal set up court at the brothel 'the Firbidden Book' in Ghoerwald and declared a Party. By weaving heavy magics into the patterns they explored several paths and constants. They also spread the word of magic.

Banzel given a Livonian book by one of the students he talke to. In this book, an edition of the Deus Machina, he found a print of the Dragon Machina and the Dragonheart (the forge he built to power the dragon).

The Cabal also contacted Octavian, and found him East in the Fallen Star Mountains on the Dark Continent. He had taken his War Cabal to find and anihilate a group of Outsiders searching for something in the mountains.

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