Friday, 15 January 2010

Yolander's Third Letter

Storyteller's note: The following was published in the Committee of Correspondents' printsheet, 'The Correspondent' in Dodecium YE1021.

This is written by Yolander van Zaar's player and submitted to the Book of Worlds.

Third letter – personal chronology:

Esteemed Correspondents, Enlightened and Practitioners of Gifts most Arcane

The Host of Man are victorious on the fronts of the colonies. The Old Enemy has risen from the deep – the gargantuan Kraken ended Cora. The red eye of the night skies is evident. The fomori are legion, and walk amongst us. Corrupted ships of old reign the seas. The great plague Naglfar was hindered with great sacrifice.

And STILL the Unity of man is wanting.

The pogrom of the enlightened has gone on for too long. We must ally ourselves with those of man that understand the wonder of the exalted.

Rulers of nations Pendrell, Aragon and Corinth; Powers of ideologies Cabal of Pure Thought and Temple of Man Supreme have been corrupted and are ENEMIES of ASCENSION!

Join us in our most desperate hour, or ALL will perish.

I, Yolander van Zaar, adeptus temporis, having seen the future, call for radical measures – I summon a grand convocation of the awakened!

Truth until Paradox!


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