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[Entry in the Liber Divinorum]

One of the old gods, Bolgen was worshipped by the men of the lost city of Erdangard. He is portrayed as a massive, black man with six arms wrapped in chains. He was one of the many gods of war worshipped in the days of yore, and his aspects were those of destruction and plunder. His worshippers sacrificed prisoners of war to their deity to gain his favour.

The city of Erdangard is rumored to have been located somewhere in the Goblinwall mountains north of present day Livonia. Its inhabitants were fierce warriors who raided into the Old Kimgdoms of the Wild, striking swift and hard, then retreating back to their montainous stronghold. The city is rumored to have been abandoned after the death of Bolgen, and despite tales of hoards of gold hidden by its kings, no adventurers have found it and lived to tell the tale.

Legend has it that Bolgen was slain by the hero Mykandor early in the Second Age. Mykandor was a prince in one of the Old Kingdoms, and after his father had been captured in an attack by the men of Erdangard he set out on a quest to free him. Before Mykandor could liberate his father, he was sacrificed to Bolgen. The hero then set out find the god, vowing kill him.

Mykandor travelled beyond the Pale and into the Hinterlands. He searched for seven years, encountering many foes and gaining some friends along his road. Eventually he came to Bolgen's cave, Hardhagrav, and using a poison he had been given on his journeys he slew the deity.


Another legend mentioning Bolgen.

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