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Macharius: Codex of Creation

Storyteller's note: This is an excerpt of  the cornerstone of Macharian thought and the Doctrine of Pure Thought. This work is central in most Western Erian thinking over the last millennium, and is arguably the most read book on Argos.

Lord Solar Agenmar Macharius was the greatest general of the Scythian Empire during the Second World War, and the founder of Pendrell. He was also the greatest mind of the Cabal of Pure Thought, and today, a thousand years after the Covenant his thoughts still guide the pure of thought. 

Chapter I
The Ascension of Man 
In the dawn of time, Man rose from the dust of Creation. He hunted the beasts that grazed the plains, and gathered the fruits that grew on the trees. He was content in his existence, living in smoke filled huts, for he knew not of anything more. 
In this world, peace reigned, and Man was ignorant of anything else, for he was protected by Elf, his elder. Thus he spread across the lands, not by design, but instead following the great animals that were his prey. 
It was here that the first gods found Man, for they saw the power in his soul. Man, grateful for their aid, paid the gods in sacrifices. In these early days the gods stayed close to the smoke from the altairs, and Man was given safety and good fortune in return for his slaugthterd lambs and worship. 
There was a Great Enemy, come into Creation from Outside. The agent of this darkness was the Orc, a twisted creature, not of Creation. Against the Enemy stood the Elf, but as the Dark Horde grew in power it came that the gods themselves had to do battle with the Eternal Foe, for darkness threatened to engulf all. 
Against this enemy Man was powerless, and as his guardians were locked in battle he suffered. The very flame of his soul were flickering in these winds of war. 
Thus it came to pass, that in this darkest hour Man proved his mettle. Seeing that his guardians were hard pressed, and that each night grew darker and colder, he snuck into the Halls of the Gods and stole that which they would not give, even on the brink of defeat. This, the secret of Creation, the gods guarded with such jealosy that they'd rather see the lands made barren, and all of Creation laid to waste, than share it with Man. 
Man, now armed with what was rightfully his, rose from the howels and caves in which he dwelled. He built the First City, and from it he marched to stand beside Elf and gods against the Enemy. What the guardians could not defeat, were now driven back by the combined armies. By claiming his right, Man prevented the greatest of defeats. Thus it was that the Orc was crushed, and Darkness driven to the very depths of Creation. Here it lies, entombed til the end of time. 
The Enemy defeated, the gods grew jealous of the Enlightenment of Man for they had not forgiven. Fearing the loss of their power, and hungering for obedience, they demanded more and more of those they should protect. Once content with prayer and sacrifice of crops or animals, they hungered for more. Their greed would only be quelched with the blood of Man. 
Those who refused to meet the demands of the cruel gods were punished with famine, pestilence, plagues of pests, and the einmity of their brothers who worshiped still. 
Likewise, as the realms of Man grew, the older brother, Elf, once the benevolent protector, grew resentful. Forgetting the blood shed together against that common foe, the Eternal Enemy, they now turned upon Man with great fury. 
In the face of such unfathomable betrayal, the Light of Man once more seemed close to extinction. It was in these fateful days Man claimed his rightful place in Creation. No longer protected by his former guardians, Man turned to himself and found great power. He went to war against Elf and gods, driving them from his lands, and strenghtening his own flame til it burned the strongest. 
Thus it was that Man's old allies, turned traitors, were defeated, and from the ashes of this war the Hegemony of Man arose. 
We must never forget that only in himself can Man find the strength to overcome those who wish to prey upon him. Only in his own brother can man find community. We, Man, are the Exalted, the First of Creation. 
Look to your brother, Man, and there you will see your duty. Stand true, and serve him well, for there are no one else who will come to your aid. The Light of Man must burn, and you must stoke its embers faithfully, ere it will extinguish. 
Let these great treacheries never be forgotten, and remember always that Man is the Master of all Creation. Let it be known that the Greatest Betrayals are that of worship of a god, that of allying with Elf, and that of communing with an outsider. He who makes himself guilty of any of these Betrayals are to be named Enemy of Man. 

So say we all. 
Further on the Codex- 
Chapter II: The Eternal Duties
Where he speaks of every man's obligation to advance his civilization. 
Chapter III: The Purity of Thought

The Principles of Macharius 
I will not give worship to gods, for they serve none but themselves.
I will not seek their aid, nor their blessing.
I will not take their gifts, for the prize is the purity of my soul.
I shall not taint my soul, for my soul is a part of the Light of Man. 
I believe in thought and reason, I believe in work and sacrifice.
I believe in the pursuit of Enlightenment of Man.
I believe in the Sanctity of Man.
I believe in the Hegemony of Man. 
I will do my duty to those who have gone before me, for they have made the world I know.
I will do my duty to those who stand beside me, for they will shape the world I see.
I will do my duty to those who comes after me, for they will refine the world I leave.
I will do my duty to Creation, for Man is its protector. 
Though I am tempted by gifts from Gods or Outsiders, I shall not accept.
Though I am threatened with pain or loss by any who wish to sway my mind, I shall not yield.
Though I find myself in the Valley of Darkness, I shall not despair.
For even if I may perish, my soul will return to Creation. 
I will not practise dark arts, for they will weigh down my soul.
I will not practise arcane arts, for they will tarnish my soul.
I will not practise acts of worship, for they will dilute my soul.
I will guard the purity of my soul, for it is the Soul of Man. 
I am Man, I am pure in mind and soul.
I am Man, I am steadfast in my work.
I am Man, I am the protector of life.
I am Man, I am the Light of Reason. 
Chapter IV: The Enlightened Society
Where the distribution of power within a realm is discussed. 
Chapter V: The Order of Things
Where Creation is described, and things are placed in relation to eachother. 
Chapter VI: The Duties of Those Who Rule
Where the rulers's duties to the civilization are discussed. 
Chapter VII: The Duties of Those Who Serve
Where the duties of the common man to the civilization are discussed. 
Chapter VIII: The Duties of Those Who Fight
Where the duties of soldiers are discussed. 
Chapter IX: The Duties if Those Who Think
Where the duties of scholars and philosophers are discussed. 
Chapter X: The Dangers of Complasency
Where we are warned of the dangers of not pursuing the constant progress of the civilization.

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