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Timeline of Argos

As drawn by the good Doctor Hieronimus el Rei Misterio, professor emeritus of Universidad Santandres, medicus, alchemist, astrologer, scholar extraordinaire, magician and formerly physician to his Exalted & Most Enlightened Majesty, King Carlos Pedreo XI of Aragorn.


First Age (Dawn of Man)*
  • The Dark Star falls upon Argos - the coming of the Exarch
  • Darkness comes to the world
  • The Fall of House Hedhrindal (Elf), and the Rise of the Black Blood (ref.: the Lament of the Orc)
  • The First Great War, wherein follows the Awakening of Man, the Darkness is defeated, and the Black Wyrm (Nefrangap, Troy, Ahriman) is defeated and imprisoned by Arkon (St Marcus, Huntsman)

Second Age (Mythic Age)*
  • The First City of Man is built in the land of Enokia
  • The Orc is vanquished by the armies of Man
  • The Eriandu tribe settles in Eria after defeating the Orc Horde of Nifsunfall
  • The War of the Silver Lance is fought between the Eriandu and the House Valedil (Elf)
  • The Rise of the Cults - the tribes of Man falls to religious worship
  • The Wars of the Priests are fought amongst Man, the gods unleash the Great Mortality - several of the great tribes succumb, the Eriadu amongst them.
  • The city of the Erdangars fall, ending the centuries long Angarlaw imposed on the Old Kingdoms of the North (Bolgen)
App. 500 BC (Before the Covenant)

  • The Scythian Empire defeats the deity Xuul in the Godslayer War
  • The death of the goddess Ruinn by the hands of (Prince Aegir of) the Enæïdùn triggers the Second Great War(?); Elf strikes at Man - weakened by the anger of the gods; Man goes to war against Elf and gods
  • The Scythii unify the Western Tribes under the Imperial banner - the lands of Eria is cleansed of gods and Elf
The last century of the Second Age
  • The Second Age ends with the end of the Great War, and the Covenant of Waymar
Third Age (Age of Reason)

YE 2 - 5
Lord Solar Agenmar Macharius of the Penderii leaves the Imperium and the Temple of Man Supreme, founding the Cabal of Pure Thought and the Kingdom of Pendrell. He is followed by the Livonii and the Wezellians.

YE 33
The Ordo Hermetica leaves the Dominion of Reason.

YE 213
The Skythian Empire collapses after Aragon declares its independence. The last Emperor, Agustyn IV of the House Adiadin, is killed by Istvan Palladinus of House Elderell, First King of Aragorn, thus ending the Imperial Line.

YE 213 - 257
Wars of Succession. The Great Houses of the Skythian Empire battle for the Iron Throne, ripping the Imperium apart. There are twelve emperors during these years.

YE 251
Wildemar Erenson is crowned as King of the Narbonii.

YE 262
The Ruhan tribe leaves the Imperial Remnant

YE 272 - 307
The Corinthian peninsula is factionalized. Cities and noble houses form independent states.

YE 311
King Ragmar II Hakenmark of the Ruhani defeats Hodrinus the Black Duke in the battle of the Temple Gates. The Enlightened City is declared a sovereign realm.

YE 399
King Thedrich Blacksleeves of the Alemani tribe conquers the three tribes of the Merenmarch and declares himself Emperor of Man.

YE 409
Emperor Thedrich I crosses the Elfswall and sacks the Enlightened City, occupying northern Corinth.

YE 421
Thedrich is defeated in the Battle of Cortona by the combined army of the Corinthian city-states and the Kingdom of Ruhan. Shortly after, the Enlightened City is freed.

YE 477
The High Masons of the Alemanii join the Cabal of Pure Thought.

YE 555
The colony of Victoria is founded by Aragorn on the Northern Shores of the Dark Continent.

YE 632 - 639
The Surge. Black Blood warbands attack Livonia and northern Pendrell.

YE 743
The Dukes of the Kingdom of Alemani elect Helmand Alfgarde as the first Emperor of the Enlightened Scythian Empire.

YE 959
Dr. John Locker's Tropospheric Gondola completes the first scientific flight of man in Pendrell.

YE 971
Franko da Cola is born in the village of Scutino in the Principality of Andron.

YE 995
The Crypt is opened. Magic awakens.

YE 997
The St Revan's Day Plot. A scheme to kill King Arthor XIII of Pendrell is thwarted by the Second Witness (Sir William Blackstaff, the Blackstaff).

YE 998 - 1022
The Reign of Reason. The Ministerium assumes full control over the Cabal of Pure Thought, and a period of persecution towards freethinkers and Awakened follows. This is brought to an end with the Elven Scourge and the Pendrellian Civil War.

YE 1000
The Orc is given Industry by an Outsider known as the Futurist or the Rogue Navigator (the Emmisary?).

YE 1002
The Black Horde of the Orc, led by Urgal Kahn Ghurandakh, conquers the colony of Victoria. The Barrier is broken by Franko da Cola.

YE 1003
The Living Prophet of the Hannuman Caliphate is slain by the Grishnak Gahalar. Aziz becomes the new prophet.

YE 1005
The last city of Man on the Northern Shores fall to the Orc.

YE 1008
The first cult of Shaitani is tried by the Ordo Manus Nigrum in Lavarre in Aragorn.

YE 1009
Frank da Cola reveals himself as Shaitani to an Argonaut in Freeport. He speaks of the Olympos and the end of the world.

YE 1011
Franko da Cola strikes at the Ministerium and the High Temple of Man, killing scores in both attacks.

The Black Horde turns south, crossing the Charred Plains and attacking the Empire of Stygia.

YE 1012
Truth until Paradox, by Franko da Cola, is published in Andron. It is blacklisted by the Temple the same year, and shortly after placed under a print-ban by the Ministerium.

YE 1015 - 1017
The Corillian War. The King of Narbonne, 'Mad' Phillyp, backs the Free Macharites of Corillia against the Ministerium. Pendrell declares war, and defeats Narbonne in the Battle of Crezen.

YE 1016
Aziz turns away from the Grishnak Gahalar. The War of Fate begins.

The Lost Regiment vanishes.

The Process of Enlightenment is started by the Temple of Man Supreme. The Ordo Manus Nigrum is given 'supreme discretion in all matters heretical and all acts of enmity against Man.'

YE 1017
Emperor Constantinius Ada of the Enlightened Skythian Empire is named Protector of the Temple of Man by Arch Primarch Inocens XI.

YE 1019
Friedrich Roeder, formerly margrave von Roeder and commander of thevLost Regiment, (somehow) manages to convince the Kings of Eria to raise the Host of Man.

YE 1020
A horde of Nightmares is unleashed on the followers of Grishnak Gahalar. Some are granted access to the prime material plane of Argos.

The good ship Pius starts her journey.

YE 1021
Grishnak's Legions of Light is defeated by Aziz's Mujahed and an army of Nightmares under Morfeus himself in the Battle of the White Tower. Aziz is slain by Grishnak, who is in turn slain by Morfeus.

The Counsil of Awakened Viziers declare that Aziz is the True Caliph, and rules the Caliphate in his stead.

The Host of Man musters on the island of Cora and invades the occupied Colonies. The host is cut off from the Lands of Man when their bridgehead on Cora falls to the Black Ships.

The Wezellian Syndicate strikes the Lex Arcanum from the Laws of the Realm, in effect making magic legal.

YE 1022
Pendrell declare war on all witches and magicians, and invades Wezell on the first day of the year.

The Five Forts are burned by a Great Dragon. The Great Hunt of the Frost Elves descends on Pendrell, this is known as the Elven Scourge.

King Arthor XIII of Pendrell falls on his own sword. Duke Rowar Garwellyn of Ayre claims the Oaken Throne. Civil war breaks out.

The host of Man is brought from the Dark Continent by a miracle of Arkon.

King Rowar II of Pendrell is crowned (20 Primium) and crosses the River Ayre, defeating the Parliamentarian Force in the Battle of Sander Bridge.

The First Arcane Congress meets in the Wezellian town of Ghoerwald (1 Tertium). The Concord is signed (21 Sextum).

The Enlightened Alliance is formed by Wezell, Livonia, Maravia, Pendrell and the Ordo Hermetica.

The Temple of Man Supreme calls for a War of Enlightenment on the Arcane Congress and the Enlightened Alliance.

Alliance forces cross into the Enlightened Skythian Empire (13 Septium).

The First and Second Battle of Geminon Field (22 Septium). The Flood army under Samil Raga is defeated by a small force of Kengellians and Wezellians, led by the deity Geminon and the Pius Cabal.

The Great Explosion of Rederhafen.

* The exact dates of the events of the First and Second Age are uncertain, I have therefore elected not to list these.


Storyteller's note: This is perhaps the most comprehensive outline of the history of Argos as of yet. Any errors or mistakes belong to the good Doctor Misterio.

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