Tuesday, 19 October 2010

15 Games

Sure, why not. I'll jump on this band-wagon.

Here are the fifteen games, in no particular order, that have inspired me the most:

AD&D - Forgotten Realms
AD&D - Spelljammer
AD&D - Masque of the Red Death
AD&D - Birthright
Vampire: the Masquerade
Mage: the Ascension
Star Wars d20
Hearts of Iron II*
Cyberpunk 2020
Call of Chtulhu
Ars Magica
Castle Falkenstein***
In Nomine***

*Since Trey over at the Sorcerer's Skull listed an FPS, I figure I can include an RTS.
** A crappy Facebook game that still had me chained to the pooter for almost a year.
*** I've never actually played these games, but they have still left an imprint on my mind.

As you may be able to infer from this list, I came into the hobby in the early nineties.


  1. I never heard of rolemaster before.

  2. Rolemaster, sometimes called Rulemaster, was an exceedingly rules-heavy, level-based system. The main thing about it was the critical hit tables. Basically, whenever you deal or get any kind of damage, you roll 1d100 on a certain table. The result is often quite gory and very entertaining.

    "Strike to kneecap shatters bone. Foe crumples into a whimpering pile on the ground." Or something to that effect.

    Here's the Wiki: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rolemaster