Sunday, 24 October 2010

Artifact: Grauengammer

The Grauengammer appears to be an ancient and worn Corinthian-style longsword. Legend has it that it was forged by Stregan Varerdaska, one of the seven Shade-wolves of Draccian lore. The sword has been in the Tito-family since the 5th century of Enlightenment. It is to have been given to Ligor Tito by Stregan Varerdaska himself, after Tito had sought out the avatar in the Worgan Mountains and bested him in a test of wits.

Artifact llllllll
Mana 13
Damage 5
Harm Spirit (Spirit llll) 
   Contingent: speak the words "by my blood."
Bestow Peer Across the Gauntlet (Spirit lll) 
   Contingent: glance along the flat of the blade.
Hostile Space* (Spirit lll + Mind ll
   Contingent: drive the point of the blade into the ground.

* Spell found in the Summoner book.

Storyteller's note: This is the family sword of the theurge Velimir Tito, a player character in the BoW.

[Picture source: The role of realism in RPGs part 1 on Codex Martialis]

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