Friday, 29 October 2010

Flying Vessels of Argos

Who rules the heavens, rules the earth.
-Vanazar, The Eternal War

Dr. Locker's Tropospheric Gondola

In 959 YE Dr. John Locker demonstrated his Tropospheric Gondola for an enraptured Pendrellian Royal Court. While the balloon was fragile, and it's flight at the mercy of the elements, it was acclaimed as reason's triumph over scepticism. Fifty-six years later, in the Corillian War, Pendrellian forces first used aerial vessels in warfare, as scouting platforms, and for dropping grenades on enemy units. These balloons were still at the mercy of the winds, and only a very few of the Argonauts were able to actually navigate these vessels to any degree.

Left: Windjammer - Right: Tropospheric Galleon

Pendrellian scientists have been constantly experimenting with flying vessels ever since Dr. Locker opened the Paradigm, and the Windjammers of the Argonauts are their latest successful development. By using very sophisticated clockwork mechanisms, these vessels are capable of going against winds to a certain degree, and thus of proper navigation. Some of these vessels are also able to carry a small number of light cannon. King Rowar II of Pendrell has also channelled large sums into the construction of a tropospheric galleon, a true flying Man-O-War.

OUT Reaver-class flying vessel

The Ordo Ultima Thule (OUT) has had a foothold on Argos for a generation. While they have kept their presence hidden from the masses, their flying terrors has still become the subject of several horror-stories; they are invincible, they rain fire from the sky, none who see them live to tell the tale, etc. These vessels dominated the skies over the wars on the Dark Continent, and now they patrol the air above the Waymar Islands.

Commonwealth Aphid-class flying vessel

Another faction of Outsiders is the Commonwealth. Unlike the OUT, the Commonwealth has avoided a direct involvement in Aragonian conflicts. Its agents have so far mostly provided knowledge and scientific secrets to their allies - the good ship Pius is one such example, being vastly superior to contemporary sailing vessels. It is believed that the Commonwealth has at least one base on Argos.

Elven Warbird

The elves have long known the secret of flight, and the majestic elven warbirds struck terror in the hearts of the human armies in the final stages of the Last Great War. Little is know about them, for the great minds of the Second Age took great pains to eradicate all knowledge of the elf from the World of Man. These vessels are reputedly grown from living wood, and it is believed that they share a telepathic connection with their crew.

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  1. Some days your work is just porn for my literate brain.

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  2. Good post. Like I say, you can't go wrong with airships, and I really dig the way you've wove them into the world.

  3. Thanks, mate. I only hope it appears that way in play as well.