Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Artifact: Thunderer's Gauntlet

This artifact is an armoured gauntlet of the type used by Erian knights in past centuries. It appears to be new and well made. The gauntlet itself is of a  type of blue leather that does not appear to be dyed, and the armouring is of thin metal plates fastened to the leather with copper rivets. While it weighs no more than a leather glove, it will feel hefty once the wearer clenches his fist. This will also cause arcs of electricity to coil lazily over the metal, making crackling sounds. 

Thunderer's Gauntlet
Artifact llllllll
Mana 13
Thunderbolt (Forces llll)
   Contingent: Mimic throwing a spear.
Telekinetic Strike (Forces llll)
   Contingent: Strike a blow as if striking the target.
Call Lightning (Forces lll)
   Contingent: Raise fist towards the heavens and call out, "I smite thee!"

[Picture source unknown]


  1. I really like the "I smite thee!" bit. Manys the time at work I've wished I could say that.

  2. A note: I crammed this post in before today's feature to get it out there before tomorrows session.

    I'll try to keep from cluttering the tubes too much in the future <:)

  3. @Trey: Don't we all! Although I had to make an effort not to write: "By the power of Greyskull!"

    Oh, well, another time...