Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Reports from the War

The Pius Cabal has now been questing for a full month, from 25 Septium to 25 Octavum. Certain things have happened in this time. These are some of them.

  • The two armies of General Magnus Emil, Duke of Westerfold, and Lord Marshal Roeder has won a series of victories against Imperial forces, and all lands west of the River Meren is now controlled by the Alliance.
  • The Red Death has broken out in the Imperial Electorship of Orlon. Reports tell of whole towns fallen to the zombie plague.
  • An army of 30,000 men under the command of Don Artugio Marabazar has left Aragorn and marches towards Corillia.
  • A combined fleet of the Knights of St. Invictus and the Hannuman Caliphate has defeated the Black Ship Corpsesong in the Bay of Oden.
  • Wezellian forecasters predict famine in large parts of central Eria this coming winter.

[Picture source: Ocean's Bridge]


  1. "The blood-dimmed tide is loosed..."

    How will our heroes cope with these developments?

  2. I love how you've achieved a true "living campaign."

  3. @Trey:
    These are mostly continuations of things allready in play. And unfortunately I don't think we'll get to see zombies featured in any of teh coming chapters. They're there though, and they make me smile :)

    Thanks, mate. Blogging has really made the "living campaign" concept possible. I don't think that without the tubes, that wouldn't have been an option.

  4. How many sessions has your chronicle lasted. It seems as if you've been playing it a good long while.

  5. Now there's a question...

    I'd say this chronicle has lasted about two years now, with weekly sessions, excepting vacations and holidays. Say eighteen months, times four, makes what? About seventy sessions or so. Give or take, of course.

    That is a very rough estimate, but probably not too far off the mark. Between 60 and 70 sessions would be my final answer.

  6. That's what I figured. One of the things that really struck me about the design of the Storyteller system is that it lends itself to a long term campaign. You really need a while to develop stories, relationships and rivalries.

  7. True that.

    If I'm running a shorter game, I'd prefer something like 3.5 or Pathfinder. Although with level-based systems I usually tend to lose interest once the characters become Übermensch, usually somewhere around 13th-14th lvl. For longer games, it's Storyteller FTW.

  8. hmm... just two years Harald, am I terribly wrong when I remember two more?

  9. That would be this particular chronicle, but there is most certainly two more years before that. At least I think it's two...