Thursday, 18 November 2010

Word: Undead vs. Soulless

There's been a debate in game about whether or not the fomori and the minions of the Ordo Ultima Thule are undead or not. Just to have this on record, here's the official BoW-definition of the two terms.

Undead: Someone who's body has died, but who's soul is still bound to the body. They are technically dead, but the soul has not passed back into Creation. E.g. a zombie, a vampire.

Soulless: Someone who have given up their soul, or have had their soul snatched away by some means. They are technically alive, but they possess no soul. E.g. a Hollow Mana Forfeited.

[Picture source: Edvard Munch on Art History Library; 2 ExileHazard on DeviantART]


  1. If they were to exist in BoW, would a Changeling be Soulless? (New CtL not Dreaming)

  2. I do not know nearly enough about them to say, but now I'd like to read the book... Too bad I don't know anyone I could borrow it from.

    If you don't mind, what makes you think that?

  3. I could mail you mine =)

    The backstory/fluff indicates that there's some debate as whether Lost have souls or no due to the Hedge "tearing pieces away" on the trip into Arcadia

    When it's one of those open ended things, I like to ask other's viewpoints for reference etc