Wednesday, 24 November 2010

The Great Explosion of Rederhafen

At five o'clock in the morning on 25 Octavum, YE 1022, a tremendous explosion shook the very foundations of the Wezellian capital Rederhafen. The centre of the blast was somewhere in the commercial district, probably around Tailor's Row and Seven Lodges Road. Most of the commercial district was destroyed, as well as Neue Stadthalle and the Temple of Justice.

In the aftermath, a ferocious fire raged through large parts of the city, further destroying a number of banking houses, mercantile offices, warehouses, as well as large residential areas. It is believed that the fatalities have reached more than 10,000, amongst these several influential persons, including at least three Onkels.

It is believed that the blast was caused by a bomb planted in the city by agents of the Ordo Ultima Thule in retaliation to an attack upon them by the Pius Cabal.

[Picture source: Tom Reeder's Blog]


  1. Cool. I guess Wezell needs to raise its "Terrorist Threat Level" ;)

  2. You're quite right, although the threat-level has pretty much been at OMG for most of 1022 allready.