Sunday, 28 November 2010

Battlefleet Hermetica

Fortress Ship Katedral

Until recently, the ships of the Adversary has been able to enter the Inner Sea at will, and from there reach the White Ocean. The shores of Eastern Pendrell, Wezell, Livonia, the Empire, and the Order State all lay open to Black Ships and other such foul foes. Not so anymore. As the summer of YE 1022 draws to an end, new sails are being seen on the inland seas.

The ships of the Hermetic fleet have long been a familiar sight along the Erian coasts, but they've always sailed alone on their unknown errands. Now the Masters of the Northern Tower have sent a clear message to the world, the wizards are at war. The Battlefleet Hermetica now controls the Erian Gap, and its vessels also patrol the Pendrellian coast. The fleet is supported by Wezellian Men-O-War, but the undisputed lord of these waters is the Hermetic flag-ship, the mighty fortress-ship Katedral.

Katedral is unlike anything seen on the oceans of Argos in all the ages that have passed. Built of stone, her towers and battlements defy all reason, and she is a monument to the might of the Hermetic Order. Crewed by Proxima, carrying three war-cabals, and commanded by the one-armed Master Octavian Arbalestus, the Katedral is nothing but a formidable floating fortress. She also carries a hunt of wyverns. These sleek, dragon-like creatures serve as steeds for one of the cabals, and a few of them constantly patrol the skies above the fleet.

[Artist: Pasqual Quidault]


  1. I dig the naval aspect to your game. Very, very cool.

  2. How many wyverns in a hunt? ;)

  3. @Chris:
    Thanks, mate. This chronicle started at sea, and so that has become an intrinsic part of the game.

    No more than you could shake a stick at if they were staying relatively still.