Thursday, 18 November 2010

References: Commonwealth

The Commonwealth of Man is the other faction of human Outsiders involved in the current affair on Argos. This post is intended to be a reference-post, providing imagery for elements allready in play. As the PC van Saar said, the Commonwealth may appear to be a new friend, but they are bound to have their own agenda where Argos is concerned.

No further information will be provided at this point.

Expeditionary Corps officer


Locust-class flying vessel

Learman 2-pounder automatic cannon

Millhouse-Burns Mk. XII service-rifle

Paladine service-revolver

[Picture source: 1 & 2 Duncan's 20mm Colonial Modeling; 3 Cloudships of Mars; 4 NavWeapons; 5 Wikimedia Commons; 6 REME Museum]

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