Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Featured Artist: Jamie Jones

This week's artist is a master of perspective, scale and atmosphere, and every image tells a story. When I first became aware of his work, I was dumbfounded by some of his paintings.

I'll just skip straight to the art this time, so enjoy.

The following set are examples of his character design. Again, each one tells a story, and I think the first one is my favourite. In my mind it depicts nøkken, the Norwegian water-spirit

This one reminds me that winter is coming.

 For more images, visit the artist's homepage.


  1. I love the third from the top. When I was a kid I used to pretend that dinosaurs slept under all of the hills that looked reptilian.

  2. That first one is delicious, and not just because it reminds me of the first Iron Chef episode I ever saw (live eel battle!).

    Wonderful painting.

  3. I'm glad you guys like it. I think the second one is my favourite. Holy crap, that's a big one!

    @Bigby's Left Hand:
    Thanks for stopping by, and welcome back any time.

  4. I like the second from the top the best. Love the colors.

  5. Wow! I love the second one and the very last. The first is the sort of thing that makes me think the characters might be saying "Ok DM, wftf? How are we supposed to beat that?!?" and the last one, wow, so much character and story in there, i could play a whole game based on just that image.

  6. You know what really tickles me about the second picture? Notice that the poor schmucks are standing in a mire or somesuch. If you didn't know your GM had it in for you before, you'll get the picture when he starts handing out penalties for terrain.